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After 28 years of making custom frames, Moots puts their knowledge into making a work of art. Combining all of the variables that make up the best custom frame is more than lengths, angles and weights. By fine tuning each aspect of designing the best frame, they present a finished product that reflects their pursuit of bringing beauty and function into one. Your custom Moots.

In their 16 years of building titanium bikes, Moots has purchased tubing from every American titanium tubing mill. Different mills are better at some sizes than others, but each mill that makes Moots'  3/2.5 Pi-Tech CWSR tubing certifies each tube for purity, strength and mechanical properties.

Moots Vamoots RSL

The extremely wide variety of both tubing diameters and wall thickness gives Moots complete control over tuning the ride of each frame they build. Their Pi-Tech tubesets and the Reynolds 6/4 butted tubesets are size specific to every stock and custom frame. Because Moots uses very thin walled large diameter tubing, the mill's quality is extremely important. Mitering and welding this thin material takes years of experience to do well. The benefit to the rider is a more solid feeling frame that dissipates shock while being very lightweight.

Cutting corners is not an option at Moots. Things you won't see from other companies such as welded in water bottle bosses and welded on seat binders set their frames apart in both function and aesthetics. Behind the finished products are hours of details you would never see, but you definitely reap the benefits; Alignments to within thousandths of an inch, tube preparation for lifetime welds, facing, thread chasing and reaming to tight tolerances; hand finishing for function as well as beauty. Quality control isn't one person's job at Moots it's everyone's. All of this, and more, combine to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. For more information about Moots, click here to go to their website.

The Moots crew

We realize that the decision to order a custom bicycle is not one that's done lightly. If you'd like to find out more about Moots, and the benefits of a designing and building a custom bicycle, feel free to email Roy at  He can set up a quiet time to meet at the store (or at home or even our local coffee house) to answer the questions you have, and guide you through a process of discovery that will help you make the best decisions about your next bike.

Below are some photos of a Vamoots for R.W.

Grace Bicycles custom fit & built Moots Vamoots

Grace Bicycles custom fit & built Moots Vamoots