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Grace Bicycles CompuTrainer MultiRider Studio

Classes run from November 3rd, 2015 through March 27, 2016

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Would you like to increase your cycling speed by 2 to 4 mph? How about outsprinting your riding companions to the next town line? Or being the first to reach the top of that big hill? Systematically training with power will help you achieve your goals. Cyclists and triathletes of all ability levels can benefit from focused off-season training that works on explosive strength, endurance, and power output.

Our CompuTrainer MultiRider Studio provides the rider with constant feedback of all the critical performance metrics like speed, distance, heart rate, cadence, and watts, the measurement of a rider's power output. More power = more speed. It's that simple.




The Computrainer Session Schedule at Grace Bicycles is based on a typical off season training plan followed by many cyclists wishing to both improve their fitness level for the coming year. Off-season training in the Northeast takes place from November through March.

November/December Recovery and Maintenance- This the time to recover from the summer's hard efforts. Most cyclists will concentrate on alternative types of exercise mixed in with low intensity cycling. This time of year poses many challenges when it comes to fitness so its important to keep to a schedule of workouts throughout the holiday period.

January/First Build Period- This month is devoted to improving power in preparation for the speed phase of training. Strength training is decreased while endurance is maintained.

February/Second Build Period- During the second build period, power work gives way to interval training while endurance training becomes more intense, taking on the characteristics of road racing or longer, more intense rides.

March/Third Build Period- This period will improve your speed-endurance - the ability to maintain a relatively high intensity for a long time - while improving your climbing. Sprint ability (quickness) and endurance are maintained.


Session Descriptions


Long duration ride at a lower intensity level over a flat to lightly rolling course. Participants should attempt to ride at a pace they can maintain almost indefinitely. Conversation should be easy and is encouraged. The goal of endurance building is to become comfortable with longer periods in the saddle. Mixing in regular endurance workouts in the of season will minimize any difficulties on those initial spring rides.

Power Repeats

These can also be called hill intervals. These repeats consist of several shorter climbs in rapid succession, similar to an outdoor route with rolling hills. The goal of this workout is to learn to maintain both speed and cadence over each hill without getting bogged down. This will help develop short duration power and the ability to stay in contact with (or even drop) other riders.


A typical interval session consists of a warm up and cool down surrounded by several intense efforts, each followed by a brief recovery periods. These efforts are usually at an intensity of 125% to 150% of a riders' FTP or Functional Threshold Power. FTP is defined as the highest average power output a rider can maintain for approximately 1 hour. Training above FTP will increase a riders' threshold over time giving the rider the ability to ride with less effort or ride faster with the same effort. Repetitive efforts, or intervals, train the rider to recover quickly from bursts of speed so they are ready to do it again...and again.

Power Climbs

Forget lifting weights! These are extended climbing efforts designed to build strength. Riders will strive to push a hard gear for a fairly long duration at a slightly lower than average cadence. A power climb effort once per week will turn those mountains into mere hills in the spring.

Power Builder Course

Ride over a road course that includes some long climbs and descents mixing your efforts from easy to hard while avoiding maximum efforts. This should simulate a fairly hard training ride with a group of other riders. Drafting is encouraged. These rides should last at least 90 minutes.

Group  Ride/Race

Held on Saturdays, these rides are perfect for the recreational and century/benefit riders wanting to ride with a group while avoiding the winter weather. Riders will follow a video portion of a famous triathlon course complete with hills, traffic, and other cyclists.



Power Testing (Highly recommended for optimal CompuTrainer workouts)

Over the last several years cyclists have embraced the concept of power, or the ability to generate a certain number of watts, as the basis for their training. Power based training has largely replaced heart rate training as it provides more immediate feedback and is less impacted by external conditions such as stress and fatigue.

Knowing your FTP or Functional Threshold Power (also referred to as ATP or Anerobic Threshold Power), the highest average power output you can produce for 1 hour, provides the basis for your year round training plan. Doing the proper workouts at the right intensity for you, mixed with sufficient rest, will result in an increase in your FTP. That increase will translate to less effort needed for a ride at a given pace or a faster overall time for the same effort.

Having an accurate FTP entered determines how intense a rider will be working during any given session. Too high an FTP increases the chances of overtraining and too low an FTP lowers the fitness value of any given workout.

Testing to determine your baseline FTP requires approximately one hour on the Computrainer. The rider will warm up with a series of intervals at increasing intensity, recover, then ride for 30 minutes at their maximum sustainable effort. The test will result in a baseline FTP number. It is recommended that riders retest monthly to determine whether their training is producing an increase in their individual FTP. If not, then adjustments can be made to frequency, intensity, and or duration of each training session.

Please call or email Scott to schedule a Power Test. Cost for the test is $25.


Which classes should I take?

Recreational/Fitness Riders Typical rides are 1 to 3 hours at a conversational pace approximately 3 times per week. Cycling may be part of a larger overall fitness program. Off-season training goals are to maintain fitness gains from the prior year and be prepared for the initial rides come spring. Recreational riders are primarily concerned with endurance-focused workouts.
Power Repeats
Group Ride/Race
Century/Benefit Ride/Gran Fondo Riders Frequent rides of 80 to 100 miles, sometimes spanning multiple days. Cycling may be their primary form of exercise. Century riders consider ride distance and duration a challenge and are willing to train hard to successfully complete an event. Since many of these rides become competitive, century/benefit riders focus their winter workouts mostly on endurance while mixing in intervals and hills once per week. Endurance
Power Repeats
Group Ride/Race
Competition Riders Riders in competition train year-round with periods of rest, or less intense efforts, mixed in to allow for recovery. Whether road or mountain bike racer or triathlete, the competitive rider will train specifically to improve strength, power, and endurance. Individual riders will concentrate their training in areas most aligned with their events. They will also concentrate on areas of weakness in order to improve their overall performance. These riders benefit most by following a more structured training schedule that includes all aspects of cycling performance. Choose from any of the sessions based on your individual training regimen and schedule



Scheduled Group Session Pricing:
$25 per individual session. Session are approximately 60 to 75 minutes.
$200 for a 10 session punch card.

Ad Hoc Single Rider Session Pricing:

You may use one of our CompuTrainers during business hours when no group session is scheduled. Riders will be charged the price of a single session or one punch on their card. Reserve your time by calling Grace Bicycles at 508-429-9177.

Ad Hoc Group Session Pricing:

Teams, clubs, or friends may reserve time on our CompuTrainers as well. It's a great way to ride and train (and maybe even race) together when you can't get out on the road. Session price for 8 riders is $170. Call Grace Bicycles to schedule a session.


Schedule online now

You can view the November schedule and register for sessions at Search for "Grace Bicycles" in "Holliston, MA".

What you need to bring:

  • Towel - you'll sweat a lot!
  • Water or sports drink - you'll get very thirsty!
  • A trainer-specific rear quick release skewer. We have these available for purchase if you do not have one. These skewers are heavy duty steel and will not be damaged by the trainer clamps.
  • A cadence magnet - this records your pedal revolutions. We have these available for purchase as well.
  • (Optional) Heart Rate Strap/Monitor - The Computrainer system is designed to sync with Coded Polar hear rate straps and your heart rate will display on the video screen. Even if your HRM is not a Polar, feel free to bring it and use it with the monitor on the handlebars.
  • (Optional) Rear wheel equipped with a trainer tire, so that you don't ruin your nice Michelin or Continental tires.

Other services

Valet Service - You can leave your bike at Grace for the winter season. This service will eliminate the need to load your bike in and out of your car in the cold winter months. We will do our best to get your bike mounted on the Computrainer before you show up for your registered sessions. The valet service fee is $100 for the winter season through March, 2016.

More services may become available at a later date. If there is a service you'd like to see, please let us know.

If you have any questions, contact either Scott or Roy at (508) 429-9177. We are committed to helping achieve your cycling goals and look forward to seeing you at the shop.