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The current lead time on tuneups is 6 business days. 

Flat repairs are turned around in 24 hours or less.

If you need your bike sooner for an event or a special occasion, give us a call at (508) 429-9177, email roy[at], or message us on Facebook and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Updated 07/13/24

Bicycle Maintenance

Just like changing your oil keeps your car running by preventing damage to its parts, regular maintenance for your bicycle keeps components from wearing out before their time.  A well maintained bicycle is much safer and makes riding much more enjoyable.  Protect your investment and enjoy crisp shifting, smooth/responsive braking, and watch the miles roll by with much less effort and much more satisfaction.

Here is a partial list of services we routinely perform to keep your bike in top condition.

Level 1 Tune Up $90*

The Level 1 tune-up is great for riders looking to get ready for the season or a special event. This is for a bicycle that is generally in good shape, but needs a thorough check up to ensure that everything is adjusted properly and running smoothly. 

The Level 1 tune up labor includes:

  • Adjust front and rear shifters
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • Adjust brake levers & calipers
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Lateral wheel truing (wheels remain on bike)
  • Torque the following to spec: crank bolts, pedals, seat and seatpost bolts, stem and handlebar bolts, brake fixing bolts, brake and shift levers, and pedals
  • Lubricate chain
  • Lubricate cables and housing
  • Lubricate component pivot points
  • Tighten all accessory nuts and bolts
  • Inflate tires
  • Wipe down frame

All components or accessories installed are done at standard labor fees.

* $20 additional for bikes with hydraulic brakes

The Level 2 Tune Up $120*

This service package is designed for the cycling enthusiast or commuter who rides at least three times a week throughout the year. It includes everything as described above in the Level 1 Tune-up, plus:

  • Adjust hub cones for less drag (wheel hubs turn as smoothly as possible)
  • Lateral and radial front and rear wheel truing in a truing stand
  • Scrub, degrease, and re-lubricate chain
  • Scrub and degrease rear cassette or freewheel
  • Wipe down frame, fork, and components

The Level 2 tune up is especially good for bikes that require more that just basic service, and that may need replacement of a few worn or damaged components. If the following components need replacing at the time you get the Level 2 tune-up, the installation is done at half the standard labor charge:

  • Chain
  • Rear cassette or freewheel
  • Tires
  • Tubes
  • Brake pads
  • Cables and/or cable housing
  • Grips or handlebar tape

All other components or accessories installed are done a standard labor fees.

* $20 additional for bikes with hydraulic brakes

The "Overhaul"*** $450

Every 3000-4000 miles, every bike needs an overhaul to ensure that the frame and fork are safe, all the components are cleaned and checked, and that any worn out parts are replaced. The $450 labor charge is a flat fee, and replacement parts are, of course, additional.

  • Completely remove all components from the bicycle; headset and bottom bracket may remain in the frame.
  • Wash down frame and fork.
  • Inspect frame and fork for alignment and wear and tear
  • Wash front and rear derailleurs, brake calipers, headset, bottom bracket, crank, chain, cassette.
  • Overhaul/replace hub bearings
  • Overhaul/replace headset bearings
  • Overhaul/replace bottom bracket bearings
  • Overhaul/replace pedal bearings
  • Replace shift and brake cables and housing
  • Replace handlebar grips or tape
  • Lateral and radial wheel truing with spoke re-tensioning
  • Complete re-assembly of bicycle
  • Update any electronic components as needed
  • Free 30-day check up of bicycle

*** Please call ahead before dropping off your bike for an Overhaul. Different brands may use proprietary parts that we do not have easy access to. We want to identify these potential obstacles so that we can perform an optimal overhaul.


A Partial List of Other Frequently Requested Services

Repair flat: $16-24 labor + tire/tube/sealant depending on the style of tire and bicycle

Repair broken spoke: $46 labor + spoke

Drivetrain cleaning and re-lube: $26 labor

Basic lateral and radial wheel truing (in truing stand): $28 labor

Install fenders: $36 labor

Install rear rack: $24 labor

Free Service Evaluations

Your bicycle may need something not listed here. Bring your bicycle in. We will put it in the workstand and review your bicycle's condition with you to determine an accurate estimate for parts and labor. 

Some Maintenance Tips

Did you know that:

A tire will loose 2% of it's tire pressure with every 10°F drop in outside temperature.  Check your tires as often as before every ride to at least twice per month.  The longer it has been between rides the more important to inflate your tires to the suggested range printed on the side of the tire.  Riding with low tire pressure can cause pinch-flats or a bent rim (not to mention an uncomfortably bumpy ride).

A chain should be wiped clean and lubed every 100 miles.  Don't track your mileage? Lubing a chain every month for a casual rider during the cycling season should do.  Lube more often if your ride through gritty and/or wet terrains.

A chain should be replaced approx. every 1,000 miles. Chains and rear cassettes (the gears at the back of the bike) wear together. If you allow a chain and cassette to wear together too much (over 1,500 miles), and you try to replace one without replacing the other, the combination of new and old parts will not work well, and you may experience skipping and premature drivetrain wear. Keeping the chain relatively new typically allows you to get 3 chain replacements for every 1 cassette replacement.