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Why a Proper Bicycle Fit is Important

If a rider's saddle height is 1cm too high or too low, his or her power output can be diminished by at least 1% and oxygen consumption efficiency can be diminished by at least 4%. Powerful stuff, whether you're shooting for the podium at a major tour, or as you grind up your next climb.

Yet bicycle fit isn't just about realizing the last percent of power output. For most of us, it's just about being more comfortable and more efficient on the bike. Maybe it's about managing back, shoulder and neck pain, or sitting better on the saddle, or minimizing hand numbness. However, it is important to realize that focusing just on a particular issue such as saddle soreness by changing saddles, or shortening your reach to the handlebars to alleviate shoulder pain may temporarily address the singular issue, but, in time, lessen your overall efficiency by compromising other aspects of proper riding technique.

A balanced fit is the key to better performance on the bike. For every rider, this balance can be achieved by finding the optimal saddle height, adjusting the saddle's horizontal position, achieving a proper reach from the saddle to the handlebars, and optimizing handlebar height relative to saddle height. Some factors that can affect these critical adjustments include a rider's body measurements, age, weight, gender, flexibility, riding history, and chronic ailments.

At Grace Bicycles, the bicycle fits we offer include:

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 Our Affiliations

 Retul Certified Custom Bicycle fitter

We are a Certified Retul Fit Specialist, one of the few worldwide who have adopted the state-of-the-art motion capture tool designed specifically for bicycle fitting. 

Certified Serotta International Cycling Institue Custom Bicycle fitter

Grace Bicycles is a proud member of the Serotta International Cycling Institute. We have completed Basic, Personalized, and Advanced courses and are certified in the following:

  • Comprehensive Bicycle Fit for all disciplines
  • Advanced Triathlon Fit
  • Optimization of Foot+Shoe+Pedal Interface
  • Advanced Bicycle Fit Issues
  • Dynamic Bicycle Fitting