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BICYCLES CURRENTLY IN STOCK (updated 10/27/21 10:50am )

Men's Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Giant ATXS (5'4"-5'7")Blue
Giant ATXL (5'9"-6'1")Blue1
Giant Talon 29 4
L (5'9"-6'1")
Giant Talon 29 4XL (6'0"-6'4")Black1
Giant Talon 27 2S 5'4"-5'8")Concrete1
Giant Talon 29 2M (5'7"-5'10")Red1
Giant Talon 29 2
XL (6'0"-6'4")
Giant Talon 29 2 XL (6'0"-6'4")Concrete

Women's Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Liv Bliss
S (5'2"-5'7")
Desert Sage1+
Liv Bliss M (5'6"-5'9")Eclipse1
Liv Tempt 27 4S (5'2"-5'7")Teal
Liv Tempt 29 4L (5'7"-5'11")Teal1
Liv Tempt 27 2S (5'2"-5'7")Desert Sage1+

Men's Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Giant Trance X 29 2M (5'7"-5'11")Grn/Blk1
Giant Trance X 29 2L (5'10"-6'2")Grn/Blk1

Women's Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Men's Hybrid Bikes

Giant Escape 3 DiscS (5'3"-5'7")Blue1+
Giant Escape 3 DiscM (5'7"-5'11")Blue1+
Giant Escape 3 DiscL (5'11"-6'3")Blue1+
Giant Escape 3 Disc
XL (6'3"-6'7")Blue1+

Women's Hybrid Bikes

Liv Alight 2 DDM (5'5"-5'9")Black
Liv Rove 2 DDS (5'2"-5'7")Eclipse1+
Liv Rove 2 DDM (5'5"-5'9")Eclipse1

Men's Road Bikes

Giant TCR Advanced 2 DiscM (5'7"-5'10")Carbon1

Women's Road Bikes

Men's Gravel Bikes

Revolt 2ML (5'9"-6'1")Green1

Women's Gravel Bikes

Liv Devote Advanced 1S (5'2"-5'7")Dark Green1

Youth Bikes

Liv Adore 2020" wheelDark Blue1+
Liv Enchant 20 Lite20" wheelAqua1+
Liv Enchant 24 Lite24" wheelAstral Aura1+
Liv Enchant 24 Disc24" wheelBlack1
Liv STP 2424" wheelEclipse1
Liv STP 24 FS24" wheelMint1+
Giant XTC 20 Lite20" wheelBlue1+
Giant XTC Jr 24 Lite
24" wheelGreen1+
Giant XTC Jr 24 Disc24" wheelConcrete1+
Giant STP 24 FS24" wheelBlue1+

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Grace Bicycles

Grace Bicycles was incorporated by Roy Cervantes in September of 2004. We are a retailer of cycling goods and services catering to the aspirations of cycling enthusiasts and their families looking for the highest level of equipment and services available.

Featured Bicycle- Independent Fabrication

Custom Steel Crown Jewel with S&S Couplers. B.S. wanted a bike that he could easily take with him on his frequent business trips. After a comprehensive dynamic bike fit, we designed a Crown Jewel that would be comfortable on his long rides and stable on fast Colorado descents.

S&S Couplers added to the top and down tubes allow the bike to be packed into a 26x26x10 case to avoid airline charges for oversized bags. B. wrote, "Each ride, I like it more. Very comfortable...It is a real joy to ride."

For more pics on this and other IF's we've built, click here.