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Hello. This is Roy, the owner of Grace Bicycles. Due to a family commitment, the shop will be closed from Thursday May 13th through Monday May 17th. The shop will re-open by appointment on Tuesday May 18th.

You can visit us on Facebook, where you can message the shop and stay informed of the shop's status. You can also email

Thank you for your understanding and support, and be well.

Grace Bicycles

Grace Bicycles was incorporated by Roy Cervantes in September of 2004. We are a retailer of cycling goods and services catering to the aspirations of cycling enthusiasts and their families looking for the highest level of equipment and services available.

Featured Bicycle- Independent Fabrication

Custom Steel Crown Jewel with S&S Couplers. B.S. wanted a bike that he could easily take with him on his frequent business trips. After a comprehensive dynamic bike fit, we designed a Crown Jewel that would be comfortable on his long rides and stable on fast Colorado descents.

S&S Couplers added to the top and down tubes allow the bike to be packed into a 26x26x10 case to avoid airline charges for oversized bags. B. wrote, "Each ride, I like it more. Very comfortable...It is a real joy to ride."

For more pics on this and other IF's we've built, click here.