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In a previous wheel article, we talk about deep section aero wheels and the increased speed one gets from using such wheels. Here are comments from two riders who have used aero wheels.


Cole C50 Lite Wheels Review by Scott Sherman

[Our Cole sales rep lent Scott a pair of C50 Lites to test.]

OK, so everyone says I need to ride aero carbon wheels. As a cycling curmudgeon, only recently migrating away from steel, I had to ask "what for"? I've listened to the hype but was skeptical. Well I've been on a pair of Cole C50 Lites for a week or so and I have to say "I like 'em". They weigh less than 1600 grams and are 50 mm deep. They are light enough to easily accelerate up to speed. Once into the 20's they just want to keep rolling. Climbing, not my specialty, does not seem to be affected at all. The only negative I can find is the wheels are impacted by wind gusts from the side. You do need to work a bit more than with shallower rims to maintain a straight line. I think this is more than offset by the aero advantage.

The next test will be racing these wheels to see how they stand up to competition. Wells Ave. here I come! Of course that's assuming I can keep them that long.

2011 Reynolds 46 Wheels Review by Brian Palmer

First, the aesthetics of these wheels was the primary attraction when I started shopping for carbon wheels. When installed on my black and silver Colnago C50 the nude carbon and white decals look exceptionally sharp (my opinion, but I have had others, even non-cyclists, express the same sentiment). But ride quality should be the most important reason for a wheel upgrade.

The first ride out, the difference these wheels made was immediately noticeable. I never realized how stiff and harsh my current wheels, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels, are. The first ride (and all consecutive rides) on the Reynolds was like riding on air. The Reynolds wheels are smooth rolling, fast to spin up to speed, and hold speed easily when compared to the Ksyrium SL's.

I have ridden nearly 700 miles since putting these wheels on my bike and have found no negatives to report. On paper, they are lighter than the Ksyrium SL's, they ride as if they are much lighter than the Ksyrium's, and they are more forgiving on the rider than the Ksyriums.

Although it is said you can't buy speed, I would argue that you can. With these wheels, my normal solo rides have seen an increase of 1-1.5 mph average (depending on the loop). I have had lower average heart rates, and on group rides I have definitely noted an increase in power/speed. I don't have a power meter, so I cannot prove this of course, but can say that I have a lower average hear rate by 10-15 bpm (from 185 to 170/175).

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give these wheels a 5 so far. Durability remains to be seen, as I have only had these wheels on month. However, have not had to true the wheels yet.