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Retül Snapshot Service

Cost: $75


We strongly advocate that all riders get properly fitted on their bicycle in order to to be as efficient, comfortable, and confident as possible. A comprehensive bicycle fitting, properly done, is not inexpensive. However many athletes choose to forego a fitting because they feel strong and do not experience significant discomfort during their rides. Instead, they choose to focus on improving their equipment, buying the latest components in the quest to make their bike lighter, more aerodynamic, and faster. We have seen that even experienced riders and racers who are comfortable on their bikes may not be optimally positioned; the body is quite adaptable to a relatively wide range of riding positions.

If you are curious how close your current riding position is to established norms, wonder whether you might benefit from a comprehensive fitting, or even prefer to do self-evaluation and fit, we offer our Retül Snapshot Service. This service will provide you with a Retül report of your existing riding position and compare your riding position to discipline-specific normative values. As a simple example, Retül may capture your knee angle extension at 25 degrees whereas a normal range might be 30-40 degrees. Even though you may feel comfortable on the bike, this data suggests your saddle may be high. Armed with this information, you are now better able to decide whether a comprehensive fitting or a new carbon-railed uber-light saddle will make you faster.



A Retül Snapshot session is done by appointment. You should bring your bike and come prepared to ride on a trainer for about 20 minutes. The overall session will last approximately 30 minutes The process is:

  1. Warm up on the trainer with light intensity. This gets your body loose so that the Retül data captured is more relevant.
  2. As you warm up, we will interview you about your riding goals, riding style, and positional issues you may be experiencing
  3. Once you have warmed up, we will attach the Retül harness and ask you to ride at a certain level of intensity. We then capture positional data using Retül and video.
  4. We turn the bicycle around and capture the opposite side again using Retül and video
  5. We present and review your Retül data and compare it to established norms.
  6. You leave with the reports, better able to decide on next steps regarding your riding position.

Finally, should you decide to undergo our Comprehensive Dynamic Retül Fitting, the $75 cost of the Retül Snapshot will be deducted from the $275 full fitting fee.