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Retül Dynamic Comprehensive Bike Fit

Cost: $275

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Grace Bicycles custom fit using Retül Retul



Since 2007, Grace Bicycles has been using the state-of-the art data capture tool to our bicycle fitting capabilities. The Retül 3D motion capture system is designed specifically for collecting the most accurate, realistic, and relevant data for bike fit technicians. By gathering data from key seven (7) anatomical points in the cyclist's riding position, we are able to profile existing (before) and ideal (after) angles for their client's custom needs, whether it is to gain more efficiency and performance, more comfort or to accommodate and help manage an injury. This system has been adopted by Carmichael Training Systems and, most recently, USA Triathlon, the official governing body of triathlon in the U.S.

Retül Dynamic Comprehensive Fit Retul


The Retül system consists of LED's that are positioned at key landmarks of the cyclist's body. As the cyclist pedals, the motion of the LED's is captured by a sensor three dimensionally and is analyzed by a sophisticated cycling-specific program that returns objective data with sub-millimeter accuracy that we can then use to position the rider than ever before.

Retül motion capture LEDs custom bicycle fit at Grace Bicycles Retul

Retül motion capture LEDs custom bicycle fit at Grace Bicycles Retul

Traditional 2D video analysis has been available for years, and relies on the fitter to analyze the rider's motion frame by frame. Thus, a fitter typically selects only one or two revolutions of the rider's stroke as representative of his or her overall pedaling technique. Retül 3D, on the other hand, captures the rider's pedaling form over a pre-determined length of time and averages the data to give a more accurate and relevant representation of the rider's true form, both before and after positional changes are made. Retül then generates easy-to-read reports that both the fitter and client can review.

Retül motion capture LEDs custom bicycle fit at Grace Bicycles Retul sample output report


Despite all that Retül has to offer, we still choose to combine this technology with traditional hands-on body assessments and measurements to deliver the best fit possible. The danger of any method of data capture, measurement, and analysis, whether it is as simple as a goniometer to find a rider's knee angle or 3D motion capture to analyze a rider's pedaling style, is that the fitter becomes too reliant on achieving established averages, such as knee angle at top dead center or bottom dead center of the pedal stroke, rather than understanding how each piece of information relates to the whole and ultimately contributes to a better fit. At Grace Bicycles, we understand that each piece of data that we collect and that individual elements of a rider's fit that we address are not an ends unto themselves; rather they must support the ultimate bicycle fit goals of optimizing rider comfort, injury management, and sustainable power output.



  • Conduct an interview to find out more about your riding history, goals, and physical issues that need to be accommodated
  • Use Retül 3D Motion Capture to document your existing riding position from both right and left sides
  • Take body measurements and perform flexibility assessments
  • Use physical information collected along with your Retül motion capture data to determine what fit changes need to be made
  • Review the recommended changes with you and execute the fit changes to your bike
  • Continue to use Retul motion capture and your feedback to refine your position
  • Document your bicycle's final positional setup and give you the setup report

The Retül Dynamic Comprehensive Fit costs $275. A typical session lasts 120 minutes. If additional parts are needed, costs for labor and parts to adjust your bike to the final recommendations is additional. An additional bicycle of the same discipline to be fitted during the same session costs $175/bike.

If you decide to buy a bike over $3,000 within 6 months of the fitting, we will apply the cost of the fitting to your purchase.

Each Retül Dynamic Comprehensive Bike Fit is guaranteed. If you are experiencing problems with your fit, follow-up appointments made within two weeks of your original fit appointment will be free of charge.


We typically schedule bike fit appointments before or after store hours so we can focus on the task at hand. Schedule an appontment online, or call or email Roy at to schedule a fit appointment.

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