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Athletes For a Fit Planet

We provide customized environmentally responsible solutions for race and event organizers who produce multi-sport, running, cycling, swimming, and walking events.
For Athletes We provide environmental news and resources about events, products and services, and companies so you can make informed choices about how you spend your money.


Cycle for Haylee a fund raising bicycle tour through the scenic backroads of Holliston, Medway, Millis, Sherborn, Natick, Dover, and Medfield, Massachusetts to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The ride starts and finishes at the beautiful Fatima Shrine in Holliston, Massachusetts.

The ride is named for Haylee Louise Reed. Haylee and her little sister, Jenna, are winning their battle against cystic fibrosis, thanks to the help of the doctors, researchers, and fundraisers. The proceeds of the ride support the efforts of talented researchers, who are diligently working toward the cure for CF, and who will assure that Haylee, and all the other kids and adults who live with CF, lead long and healthy lives.


Cycle for Haylee charitable ride support

Serotta International Cycling Institute

SICI is a member-based organization with the primary goal of providing educational services to the cycling community that help to optimize the cycling experience for all cyclists. We offer classes, products and consulting to bicycling retailers, coaches and clinicians. In addition, we host the annual Cycling Science Symposium, a must-attend event for retailers, manufacturers, scientists, coaches, clinicians and cycling enthusiasts.


Serotta International Cycling Institute

Multisport World Conference and Expo

Multisport World Conference and Expo (formerly New England Multisport Expo) is a production of Sun Multisport Events, an event management company based in eastern Massachusetts. Our mission is to create events for the multisport athlete that are high in quality and deliver an all around valuable experience.


Triathlon bicycle fit demonstration




Jason Gootman and Will Kirousis operate Tri-Hard Endurance Sports Coaching ("Tri-Hard" for short). We have a deep passion for endurance sports and it is our goal to bring that passion, combined with our knowledge and experience, to you!

We are dedicated to providing world-class coaching and education services for endurance athletes including triathletes, duathletes, road cyclists, mountain bike racers, and runners. We assist endurance athletes of all ages and all ability levels from beginner to professional in working towards and reaching their personal goals.

Triathlon coaches cycling coaches

Peaks Coaching Group

Coaching and Training for All Levels of Endurance Athletes.

Margaret Kadlick- I have been coaching cyclists since 1997, and in 1999 I established Kadlick Coaching Services, a coaching and consulting business dedicated to improving the performance of cyclists in the Northeast. In 2004 I joined with Peaks Coaching Group in order to more actively promote cycling as a safe, healthy, and effective mode of transportation, recreation, and sport.

Cycling coaches triathlon coach


Clubs and Advocacy



Charles River Wheelmen (CRW) is a group of active cyclists who get together for weekly rides and frequent social events in the Boston area.  We are a nonprofit, totally volunteer organization in the Greater Boston bicycling community. Our main objective is to provide a high quality year round recreational ride program with a friendly, social atmosphere. Our rides are open to the general public. If you like our rides and continue to ride with us, we ask you to please become a member. Membership dues help support the CRW Ride Program.

cycling club

The Minuteman Road Club (MRC) is a cycling and triathlon club located in the Metrowest region of Massachusetts.  The club's philosophy revolves around encouraging competitive and recreational riders to experience the beauty of cycling firsthand. The club provides like-minded riders with a supportive group of enthusiasts to learn to race, join casual group rides and center social activities around cycling.  

cycling club

The primary purposes of MassBike are:

  • to serve and protect the interests of the bicycling public in Massachusetts,
  • to promote the bicycle as a healthy, enjoyable, efficient, and environment-friendly means of transportation and recreation,
  • to promote a physical geographic context and vehicular traffic environment that enhance these qualities and ensure the safety of transportation by bicycle, and
  • to help more people adopt the bicycle for transportation and recreation.

Bicycle advocacy

Bikes Belong works to put more people on bicycles more often. From helping create safe places to ride to promoting bicycling, we carefully select projects and partnerships that have the capacity to make a difference.

We concentrate our efforts in four areas:

  • Federal Policy and Funding
  • National Partnerships
  • Community Grants
  • Promoting Bicycling

In addition, we operate the Bikes Belong Foundation to focus on kids and bicycle safety.

 Bicycle advocacy



The Town of Holliston

...was incorporated on December 3, 1724 by virtue of approval by the General Court of a petition requesting that "the western part of Sherborn be a Town". The name was taken in honor of Thomas Hollis, Esq. of London, England, a benefactor of Harvard College.

The town has grown from a community of a few hundred residents setting aside ten pounds per year for public education to a community of nearly 15,000 with an annual budget of over $40 million, including more than $23 million for a nationally recognized school system.

Holliston Massachusetts

Holliston Net News 

... is all about Holliston. As a community based information site, we fulfill our mission by providing news and events as they happen and by providing interactive features that keep users connected with the community.

Holliston Massachusetts

Holliston Reporter 

...four reporters/editors who have resided in Holliston for a total of more than 200 years.  We do now or have held town elected offices, voluntarily served on various town committees dealing with town affairs such as sewers, school housing, medical emergencies, water supply, the library, town meetings and elections.  Over the years we have been involved with scouting, youth athletics, veteran groups, church committees, the library, parades and the many varied town social events.

Holliston Massachusetts

Holliston Trails Committee 

The Upper Charles Trail is designed to be a loop trail of approximately 20 miles that would connect the towns of Sherborn, Holliston, Milford, Hopkinton and Ashland. It would primarily be an off-road path separated from traffic. It would be designed and built to accommodate a variety of non-motorized uses such as bicycling, walking, cross-country skiing, and skating. On an average weekend day the fully built trail would serve an estimated 2,500 users.

Holliston Massachusetts

New England Velodrome

If you are a cycling enthusiast, then the New England Velodrome and Cycling Park is the place for you. As the only Velodrome in New England, we have successfully brought velodrome track racing back to the region. In early September we completed our 2.5km Cyclo-cross course and are once again expanding our cycling venues to include the new 1000' Velocity BMX race track. Our mission at the New England Velodrome and Cycling Park is to promote "CYCLING for ALL! "  

Velodrome bicycle racing

New England Multisport Conference and Expo

If you're in the northeast, tolerable outdoor swims, warm weather rides and the first multisport races of the season don't really start until April or May. But who can wait that long?

Kick off the new season at the annual Multisport World Conference and Expo. Developed in partnership with USAT Northeast, Multisport World offers 2,000+ attendees seminars, training clinics, workshops, competitve events and the largest vendor expo of any multisport event on the east.

Triathlon bicycle fit demonstration


Bicycle Manufacturers

Alternative Needs Transportation

Our passion for the bike industry and the culture of living by bike shows in the creation of A.N.T. "We not only hope to meet the needs of people's commuter bikes, but to influence the consumers to think about bicycle commuting in a more positive way. We love all types of cycling but feel that there is a real need to bring to the table bikes that have the right combination of style and function that is so lacking in the market. Most people have this fear of investing in a bike for commuting, but it is their most-used bike!"

ant bike mike alternative needs transportation

 Independent Fabrication

...started in 1995 building steel mountain bike frames. Now, in 2007, we can build almost everything, out of almost anything. From the finest, most technically advanced, steel tubing to ever exist, to the best titanium available, to an array of custom carbon fiber tubing made just for us, we can make a bike for you. But not just any bike - the bike of your dreams, manufactured with so much love and care, one would think our lives depended on it, and, in a way, they do.


Independant Fabrication


For nearly three decades, Giant has devoted itself to the growth of both cycling and cycling culture. Giant has actively participated in the development of cycling, from that of simple transportation to its current popularity as a recreational and sport activity. Giant believes the bicycle brings quality to life, and it takes personal responsibility for improving the cycling experience. The ability to bring new and healthier lifestyles to customers around the globe makes Giant proud.


Giant Bicycles

 Parlee Cycles
Designed by Bob Parlee and individually hand built by a talented team of craftsmen inspired by the PARLEE mission to build the world's finest carbon fiber bikes. Bob Parlee demands the maximum level of performance from each part that goes into his bike.

QUALITY Each design element is engineered with a master craftsman's attention to detail and an artist's eye for design to produce the finest quality bike frame. Integrating science and art, Bob has taken advantage of the directional strength of carbon fiber to create a high performance, durable carbon frame.

PERFORMANCE The guiding design parameter at Parlee is performance. Bob believed from day one that carbon was the best material for racing frames and has continued to refine his designs with performance as the number one goal. Every element of a PARLEE frame is optimized to give the rider the maximum amount of efficiency in power transfer along with the maximum amount of vibration dampening. Carbon has ideal shock dissipation properties that when properly employed can give a ride quality that is unmatched in titanium, aluminum, steel or any hybrid thereof. The key is properly aligning the fibers.

Parlee cycles


 Raleigh Street, Nottingham, was the site of a small workshop which in 1886 started producing diamond-frame safety bicycles at the rate of three a week. Frank Bowden, a successful lawyer and convert to cycling, bought the firm in 1887 and in December 1888 founded The Raleigh Cycle Company as a limited liability private company. It grew rapidly and within a few years was a large public company.  Today Raleigh continues to sell their bicycles for every occasion.

Raleigh Bicycles


Intelligent design, not marketing trends, is what drives Serotta's research, development and manufacturing. The question we ask every day is, "How do we make a better bicycle? One that is lighter, uses the cyclist's energy more efficiently and keeps him or her relaxed and comfortable for the duration of any ride?"

Answering this question has led to 35 years of technological innovation. There is not a single detail of a Serotta bicycle that has not been thought through, challenged, tested, broken, built again and ridden for an endless number of miles.

Serotta bicycles


In 1993, a young engineering student and bike aficionado set out to do what many had tried before him-to build the perfect bike. From the onset, he did things differently, combining aerospace-inspired methods and materials with the passion for fine craftsmanship he had inherited from his Italian ancestors. One cyclist at a time, he custom-built his offering to deliver a perfect fit and singular performance. When his creation became a company, he named it Guru, based on the bicycle's capacity to teach life lessons and inspire.

Today, we are a diverse crew of cycling enthusiasts working hard to make a good number of bikes, each crafted one-at-a-time. Everything we produce is done out of our headquarters located just outside Montreal (Qu├ębec), Canada-a city that represents the gateway to Europe in North America. Our approach to making bikes is based on combining the best of both worlds: cutting edge technology delivered by hand and with an old school attention-to-detail.





Parts and Accessories


We at Shimano have been providing attractive products with a focus on cycling and fishing, the most popular outdoor sports.
Wind touching the skin, sunlight streaming through the trees and wave patterns covering the water excite the hearts of people. We are aiming to become a company to create excitements among people.
We will continue to support people to realize their dreams to create new lifestyles to bring them closer to nature and share the joy of life with each other.

 Shimano derailluers brakes shoes bicycle chains


Bell began as a small auto parts store in a suburb of Los Angeles. Growing under the benevolent leadership of Roy Richter, Bell became a leader in safety equipment for auto racing, motorcycling and then bicycling. His commitment to creating great product through a close connection with the sport, along with his trust of and care for the people who worked for him, turned Bell from a one-man operation into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

His legacy lives on today in Bell's commitment to racing, quality and innovation.


Bicycle helmets


Speedplay Light Action, Zero, X-Series and Frog Pedal Systems are simple, lightweight, and easy to use. Speedplay pedals are comfortable, easy to get in and out of, dual-sided, and offer free float, secure retention, a stable cleat-to-shoe contact area, and minimum foot-spindle distance. For a comparison of popular road pedals see, "Road Pedals Comparison"; for a comparison of popular all-terrain pedals see,"MTB Pedals Comparison."


Speedplay pedals and cleats


Saris Cycling Group has it's origins back in 1973 when the Graber brothers invented their first bike rack. In 1989, Chris and Sara Fortune purchased the bike rack company and grew it to what it is today. The Saris brand was born in 1992, and CycleOps joined the family in 1999. Two years later, PowerTap entered the fold. We are continually innovating and in 2004, we introduced the first PowerTap-equipped indoor cycle. With a company of dedicated product managers, ingenious engineers, creative designers, and hardworking employees, you never know what is going to happen next.


Saris auto racks and cycleops trainers power tap

Adams Trail-A-Bike 

Adams Trail-A-Bikes were introduced to the market in 1986. They were quickly accepted and regarded as one of the easiest ways to introduce children to cycling. They allow parents and kids to share longer rides together without the child trying to keep up on a separate bicycle. Spend quality time teaching your child how to ride as well as introducing them to "traffic safety" concerns. Have peace of mind knowing your child is safely riding with you.Know that you are using the first and original Trail-A-Bike on the market.


trail a bike for kids

Zipp Speed Weaponry 

Zipp Speed Weaponry serves a select group of elite companies and athletes, globally located and committed to bicycle & wheelchair competition. Zipp meets customer's needs for the highest performance, superlative quality components through innovative design and manufacturing utilizing the best material and technology available.


Zipp Speed Weaponry wheels stems


A cyclist from the age of 15, Dino Signori founded SIDI (the company takes its name from his initials) in 1960. In the beginning SIDI was a craftsman's workshop manufacturing mountain sports footwear, but the company gradually dropped these lines to follow Dino's passion for two-wheeled sports. Now in its fifth decade, the SIDI tradition continues under the direction of the Signori family.


sidi cycling shoes and replacement parts


French manufacturer of complete wheel-sets, rims, components and cycle computers came into being in 1889. Today, with over one hundred years of experience, Mavic continues to stride forward into the future. Around 300 staff at the four principal European sites help the famous yellow brand to progress - with a real passion for the sport of cycling.


Mavic wheel sets


The leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights and reflectors to cyclists in the world. Founded in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye has always been a leader in innovation and technology.


Cateye cycling computers speedometers odometers


Innovation is what we do. It's part of our culture. And over the last 17 years we've received an avalanche of awards and accolades to become the top cycling accessory company in the world.

Innovation may be our forte, but riding is our life. And as long as there's a ride, we'll keep finding ways to make it better.


Topeak cycling accessories

 Ritchey Design

The home of exceptional bike parts and people who use them. Our ambition is to inform and inspire you about Ritchey products and how we contribute to the betterment of the sport through 35 years of design experience. Tom Ritchey is an icon of the sport, one of the inventors of the mountain bike, and our Founder, President and Head of Product Development. Backed by a worldwide team in California, British Columbia, Switzerland and Taiwan, our dedicated group of enthusiasts work tirelessly along with Tom to innovate and refine our components so that you can perform at your best and get the most out of your bike.


Ritchey cycling parts and accessories

Reynolds Cycling

For over a century, the name Reynolds has stood for quality, design and performance in bicycle components, because we're renowned for creating products that deliver a cycling experience unlike any other. The margin of victory has never been more acute-in competitive cycling or in business. Therefore, our passion for leadership drives us to continuously improve performance-in our products, our processes, and our customers. Whether you ride to live, or live to ride, you'll experience a whole new level of performance and enjoyment on Reynolds wheels.


Reynolds cycling wheels and parts


In 1986 a designer named Jim Gentes designed an adult bike helmet with some vents and no shell, and formed Giro Sport Design to market the concept. The lighter weight was an instant hit, and Giro began selling large quantities of the helmets to racers 



Tifosi Optics 

Since 2003, Tifosi Optics has been developing and distributing technologically-advanced, value-oriented eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports. Tifosi Optics glasses come in both single lens and interchangeable models


Sunglasses eyewear


What began as a brainstorming session of a handful of engineers around a card table in 1989 has evolved into a worldwide collaborative effort of thousands of colleagues. Garmin's goal, as it was then, remains simple: To create navigation and communication devices that can enrich our customers' lives. Our innovative products span various areas of interest, including automotive, aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation and wireless applications.


GPS cycling computers

 Selle Italia

Founded at the dawn of cycling in 1897, SELLE ITALIA has contributed to the evolution and modernization of the bicycle; dedicating itself to the development of top-quality, ergonomic, and comfortable seats.

Performance saddles


Born in 1996 as a brand made for high performance fi'zi:k was designed in the USA, and handmade in Italy by the world's largest saddle manufacturer, Selle Royal.
Fi'zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word physique, referring to the form or state of the human body. Often associated with general fitness and athletics, the word is also used in many contexts to illustrate physical strength and superb health. - ie. a powerful physique, a healthy physique.

Performance saddles

 Aline Systems

ALINE's patented technologies were developed over the past twenty years with the help of thousands of people, from world class athletes to weekend sports enthusiasts. The ALINE BFAST insole was brought to life through an intense, yearlong R&D effort that demanded every bit of our team's skill, experience, and patience! We are proud to say we've created a technology that can help millions reach their potential in sports and in life.

shoe insoles for alignement correction and comfort


Custom Footbeds are heat moldable, so they fit your unique foot perfectly. The generic insoles that are supplied with your footwear are designed to fit the lowest common denominator foot shape. They simply cannot offer the same level of arch support, control and comfort that heat moldable SOLE Custom Footbeds do.


shoe insoles for alignement correction and comfort


Bike components are all we do - which is why we do them so mind-bendingly well. SRAM Corporation began with the goal of creating the absolute best shifting system and changed the cycling world forever with the introduction of Grip Shift. To support the innovation, we invested in Sachs Bicycle Company and built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Schweinfurt Germany. We had the vision and desire to expand our presence in the industry so we found the best suspension company, RockShox, joined forces with them, creating huge excitement in the global cycling community. Not content to stop there, we knew expanding our line with the best brakes, bottom brackets and cranksets would fine-tune the ride even more. So we teamed up with Avid and Truvativ.

SRAM parts and components derailluers drive train


From a distance, most tires look alike. Close up, the tire maker's name is visible. And that makes a world of difference. Close up, Michelin is committed to improving the transportation of people and goods around the world. Making the roads safer. And reducing our impact on the environment.

Bicycling tires road tires mountain bike tires

Kurt Kinetic 

Kurt Manufacturing got its start in the cycling industry when it began manufacturing the trainer frames for the original owners of Cycle-Ops. Cycle-Ops went bankrupt in 1999 and were subsequently bought by Graber. Stuck with a great deal of inventory and tooling and armed with the knowledge about leaking resistance units, Kurt decided to apply its precision manufacturing expertise to build bike trainers. The result was a design so innovative it was awarded a patent for its leak proof fluid resistance unit.

indoor trainers bicycles