Honey Bikes


The world offers a lot of great bikes; there's no shortage. But how many bikes out there are great for you?

Here are some reasons Honey may be great for you—and some reasons that Honey may not be great for you. If these reasons resonate with you, check out Honey.

Honey Optimizes each bike style for a specific function

This helps provide the best possible riding experience for your particular type of riding. Honey offers 11 styles, each designed for a very specific use. No Honey is a re-purposed bike. No Honey is a mix of uses. Honey designed each bike's style and function from the ground up—including tubing choices, bike fit, handling, and components—for a very specific and narrowly defined purpose.

Better fit—for men and women

Honeys cover 99% of the size range of riders. Honey is available in 12-sizes for men and 12-sizes for women—to fit riders from about 4' 7" to 6' 9".

Most brands offer 4-7 sizes—and you're lucky if one of them fits closely. Because Honey offers two to three times more sizes; you have two to three—or even four—bike sizes, and fits, from which to choose. You can fit on a Honey significantly better than on a typical stock bike.

Honey offers every model in designs for men and designs for women.

Made in the USA—by bike fanatics

The people that worked on designing and building your Honey are cyclists. They race, commute, anarchize, green, and just about anything else you can do with a bike. Not all at once, of course.

Building in the US enables a lot more control of the design process. For example, nearly every element of each Honey has been rethought from the ground up. Nearly every part of each frame is specifically designed by, and sourced by, Honey.

Building in the US provides more immediate and precise quality control. One of the results is better riding and performing bike.

Best possible performance

Functional specificity: By developing styles for specific uses, Honeys perform better than a repurposed bike. Designing a commuter from the ground up to perform as a commuter is better than repurposing a good cyclocross bike.
Lots of sizes: A good fit on a bike that's the wrong size leads to a bike that won't handle or perform well. Being well fit on a frame that comes in the right size provides better balance and weight distribution. Handling is noticeably improved.
Tubing design: Every frame size has a custom designed set of tubing. This means that the bike will ride better and perform more predictable. Not too heavy not too light. There is no other stock bike ever made that offers more specific and precise tubing design than your Honey.


Riding; only riding

Honey is a rider's bike—it's about you and your riding. Honey is just an unassuming usage-specific bike, designed for riding.